Two Lanes, Two Wheels, and a Camera; “The Hogback”, Utah

I always stop on The Hogback to just take in the incredible landscape of the Escalante.
Sitting high on a ridge with canyons on both sides, The Hogback is an amazingly beautiful stretch of an incredibly beautiful road.
I was on my way down toward Escalante when I saw the clouds open up just ahead of me. Time for a quick change into my rain gear. A few soggy minutes later, I changed out of them. Riding the Hogback on a dry road is incredible. On a slick, wet one… well, let’s just say I kept it at a slow crawl.
This is the view looking west. Below us is Lower Calf Creek Falls, although it is hidden deep in the canyon. It was 25 degrees on this day, but so worth being out in the world to see this incredible landscape with a coat of white snow.
Looking west from the Hogback you can see the canyon and creek that are the Lower Calf Creek Falls. They are magnificent but these days super crowded — even in the spring.
The view of the east side of the Hogback. Looking toward Capitol Reef NP and Torrey.
“The Hogback” on Highway 12, south of Boulder, Utah in the Escalante



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Don Giannatti

Don Giannatti

Designer. Photographer. Author. Entrepreneur: Loving life at 100MPH. I love designing, making photographs and writing.