It’s Thursday in Most of the World, but Here it is Thanksgiving

Don Giannatti
2 min readNov 23, 2023

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads my humble offerings.

Somewhere in New Mexico: I was teaching my daughter to drive on dusty backroads when this cow grabbed our attention. She posed so graciously. And my daughter didn’t wreck the car, so it was a good day.

November 23, 2023.

Thanksgiving morning.

I am the only one awake at this hour. The rising sun and I keep our conversations low, but the roosters across the way are very active.

Dawn is special in the desert. At least to me.

The air is quiet, there is a sense of awakening in the creosote, and the colors in the sky seem almost impossible.

Unedited sunrise taken 3 minutes ago on an iPhone 13 Max.

They say Thanksgiving is the day when we give thought to our blessings, the wonder of friends, those we love, and those who love us.

It is a day of feasting for many, but also a day of reflection.

I just wanted to drop by and say thanks to you, the readers of Medium, and especially to those who leave comments, say hi, or simply wave.

Also to those who create patterns of words that make me think, question, reevaluate, change, and become even more curious than I was yesterday.

Reading the great articles that pass my eyes every day is one of the parts of my day I enjoy the most.

Also when I am riding my motorcycle.

I do not do both at the same time.

Tomorrow is the grand shopping day when we try to get more stuff so we can be grateful for it next year, but my tradition is to not involve myself in that. I will be giving free classes tomorrow. Teaching is one of my joys, so I do that. Heh.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and if you are somewhere that does not celebrate this truly American holiday, have a marvelous Thursday.



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